Warranty Details

  • Lifetime uncodintional warranty is valid for Maximum 5 years from the date of Productions for 2 Wheeler Tyres.
  • Unconditional warranty is valid up to 1 year of 50% to tread wear for 3 wheeler tyres/ULT. There will be no warranty coverage beyond 50% tread wear.
  • Manufacturing warranty on 3 wheelers tyres/ULT is upto 3 years from date of production.
  • All the warranties are valid till the tyres reaches tread wear for 2/3 weeler/ULT tyres.
  • There is no warranty on 2/3 Wheeler tyres/ULT for flat run.
  • Pro-rata charges will be levied as per the percentage or tread wear for 2/3 wheeler/ ULT tyres.
  • Tube failed along with tyre will not be considered under this warranty.
  • Warranty card should be retained after the purchase and should be product to invoke the warranty. No warranty shall be entertained in absence of Warranty Card.
  • Replacement will be done only if tyre is unserviceable.
  • Tyres which become unserviceable under the following circumstances shall not be covered by this warranty.
    • Replace damage (like nail puncture etc.)
    • Accident, fire, chemical explosion, tyres attrition, vandalism
    • Tyres purchased from unauthorised dealers.
    • Tyre damage due to failure of non-Goodspeed tubes
    • Repaired for Recapped tyres.
    • One side wear (Patchy wear/uneven wear)
  • The charges related to tyre fitting and unfitting, transportation charges, balancing charges and other taxes if any are not covered under the warranty and shall be charged separately as applicable.
  • Upon receipt off a claim valid under the warranty. Goodspeed may at its sole discretion supply and equivalent dimension as replacement, subject to the availability of the tyre on a pro rate case.
  • Claimed tyres and/or tubes shall be inspected by Goodspeed authorised representative and their decision shall be final.
  • Goodspeed shall not be liable for any injury, death or consequential damage/loss suffered due to failure of tyre and/or tube.
  • Goodspeed retains the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions of the warranty at any time without assigning any reason thereof.
  • No intentional injury, accidental damages, serviceable cuts to the tyre will be covered under this warranty.
  • For manufacturing defects, tyres will be governed by our existing warranty rules.
  • Company reserves the right to withdraw this warranty at the time without prior notice
  • Decision of the company shall be the final decision and cannot be challenged in any court.

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